Prepare a bucket with water or use a garden hose. Remove either the faucet or a cap from the top of the pump. Take the bucket and pour some water into the pump at the opening of it. Fill it up until no more water bubbles are coming out (water might recede about 4” from the top). If no bucket, do the same procedure with the garden hose. Do not cap the top of the pump, however, you may put the faucet back, but will have to remain open. Turn the pump on and allow the water to be relieved from the top of the pump. Following the release of water, let the pump run, even though, water may not be coming out rite away. But, the pump is slowly releasing air been pull from the suction line.

This can take anywhere from a few minutes to up to 25 minutes depending on the distance from the well to the pump. During this process, monitor the temperature of the water on the volute (pump housing). If water is getting hot turn off the pump while adding some water to the volute, and re-start the procedure again. Continue until water start coming out of the pump out of the well. Insure that all air is out of the pump by having a continuously stream of water out of it. Finally, turn off the pump and insure that water remains in the volute of the pump. Turn the pump on again to insure that the prime has not been lost. If water runs with no hesitation, your system is ready for operation.

If this does not work, you may have a more serious problem. Please call us so that we can schedule for one of our technicians to assist you on site. 

Our staff is ready to assist you in your water needs (fluent in English and Spanish) 6 days a week, Monday-Friday 7am-5pm EST and Saturday 7am-4pm EST.